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UPDATE (2014-07-01):  On June 27, 2014, my son Damion Liu married Jessie Jane Hendrickson in San Diego, CA.  I will be posting my pictures from before, during and after the vows were exchanged in Photo Shoot Galleries --> 2014 --> The Damion and Jessie Liu Wedding gallery.

2014-06-18:  During the last week or so, I've been trying to shoot cityscapes for a camera club competition.  Bum weather, construction, etc. have hindered my efforts, but I was able to get a couple of shots.  Please check them out in the "Recent Stuff" gallery.

Recent News:

2014-06-08 -  I was up on Mt. Evans yesterday morning and ran into a camera friendly nanny mountain goat and her very young kid up near the summit!  I'll be posting these shots as I go in the Recent Stuff Gallery and then I'll move them into the Photo Shoot Galleries->2014->Mt. Evans Gallery soon after.  Enjoy!

2014-05-30 - My shot of star trails above the University of Denver's Chamberlain Observatory in Denver, CO is now up in the Recent Stuff gallery.  Make sure to check it out!

2014-05-12 - Check out all of my shots from covering the University of North Carolina @ University of Denver NCAA Men's Division I Lacrosse game last Saturday (5/10/14).  I think there are a few gems in there.  You'll find these captures in the 2014 Photo Shoot Galleries.

The First Kiss